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The self through the lens of the corporate gaze. We live in a progressively more mediated society, one where our lives are lead online as much as they are in real life, and in many cases, our online lives become front and centre. Social media has created a world where everyone sees their lives, not through the male or female gaze but instead through a corporate gaze. 


The other sister project, looks at the online world as a way to live out fictional realities and live in a fantasy world. We all curate our lives at least in some ways disingenuously, these fictional versions of self inspired the creation of the other sister band. The fake band exists in an alternate reality where Jen Mann is the lead singer to a pop group. Posing in ads for Gucci and on covers of magazines like pop and rolling stone the band looks to be a meteoric success. 

Band Merch

Take home a piece of this project. The merch is an interactive thought experiment, about consumer goods and branding, and how we make something real through this transaction. By buying the merch, the band exists as a part of our real world. 

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An installation of 30 sculptures, sculpted in the likeness of each member of the fictional band. Each doll is comprised of 26 individual parts which were engineered to articulate with 22 joints in animation software and all rendered by hand so that the bodies articulate and pose naturally. Each part was painstakingly cast in resin by the artist pulled from hand made silicone molds, then sanded, assembled, painted, and clothed. Neatly arranged in a row, each sculpture resides in a selfie infinity cube, where she exits only within her own universe, with only herself reflected back to her.

Other Sister

Other Sister

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Other sister Magazine cover series features the band on the cover of numerous fashion and music magazines. These larger than life hyper saturated and stylized covers are all part of making the fictional band, and solidifying it into its rock star status. The covers are both painting and sculpture, with spines and pages painted down the edges of the painting. There is even a full 3D book featuring an article and interview with the band. These meta pieces nod to the fictional and larger than life elements of the band.